Banat Tour - 2019

Stasa Cvetkovic is again leading a tour to visit ancestral towns in Banat this year. Travel is on a Sprinter minibus, as last year, with a capacity of 15 to 17 people. All the places to be visited are as requested by participants. Please book early and send Stasa your town names so he can coordinate the trip. There are two trips to choose from:

Tentative dates: 31/Aug - 01 Sep 2019 to 21/22 Sep 2019

For more information:

Stasa Cvetkovic <>

Tel/fax: +381 21 553 265

Mobile: +381 62 598 517

Novi Sad, Serbia


There is much more detail about the 2018 tour at this web page:


NOTE: I have had positive experiences with Stasa as a guide and interpreter on four group tours that I arranged. I have also heard many positive reports regarding individual tours he has conducted. He also has a strong reputation for conducting research. However, I did receive one complaint about his previous tour in May 2018. The complainant felt that Stasa did not research her request prior to the tour and did not devote enough individual time to rectify the situation. I have forwarded her comments to Stasa and trust that he will make the appropriate adjustments. I trust that this was an unfortunate miscommunication that hopefully will not be repeated in the future. This also points out the importance of researching and getting answers before you go. I can provide additional detail on request.

2011 Banat Tour - 2019.
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