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This book was originally published in German in 1956. We discovered it in the possession of Leah Ott Duda. It had belonged to her great grandparents, John and Katie Bolen. It was translated with the kind generosity of Henry Fischer of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Edited by Karen Dalton Preston. Final e dit by Glenn Schwartz. Pictures incorporated by Roy Shiflet. Thanks to all who contributed to making it available in English on this platform.

We were unable to identify any surviving representatives of the author or publisher, but would welcome a discussion with any such representatives that may come forward.

You can download the pictures separately by clicking on "Read More." There is more information about Kudritz at https://www.kudritz.org/

Download this file (Kudritz English with pictures.pdf)Kudritz English[ ]13856 kB

From this page you will be able to download three PDF files about Rudolfsgnad, a village 50 km west of Zichydorf. Some Zichydorf families came from there, and many people from all over Banat, including Zichydorf and its neighbouring villages, died there after the Second World War. Rudolfsgnad History Book is the main text of the history book. Rudolfsgnad Name List is a list of the householders in 1944 from the back of the book . Rudolfsgnad Pictures contains the pictures from the book.

Download this file (Rudolfsgnad book.pdf)Rudolfsgnad Book.pdf[ ]312 kB
Download this file (Rudolfsgnad Name List.pdf)Rudolfsgnad Name List.pdf[ ]7545 kB
Download this file (Rudolfsgnad Pictures.pdf)Rudolfsgnad Pictures.pdf[ ]2906 kB

Zichydorf, its predecessors, and its environs have been known by various names over the centuries.

Elisabeth Grob-Hugel has translated Johann Achtzehner’s history of Zichydorf.

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