Banat Tour - September 2018

Our good friend, Staša Cvetković, has created a Banat tour for September of this year. He was the guide and interpreter for the Serbian portion of the four previous tours that Glenn Schwartz organized and has done research for many of our members. He has also guided and done research for many other genealogists researching in the Banat. Praise for his organizational ability and attention to detail is virtually unanimous. A guide experienced in genealogy, ability in the local languages, with established contacts, and an understanding of regional travel is essential to a successful tour of eastern Europe. Please read Staša's proposal below. (Click on the Read More button.)

Dear fellow genealogist and Banaters,


I am glad to announce a Banat Tour in September of 2018!


ORGANIZATION: Our tour will be organized by several guides and researchers from Serbia who founded the non-profit association "Meeting Point"  in order to promote genealogy and ancestral tours to Eastern Europe. I am the professional genealogist who guided hundreds of people on their ancestral voyages in the past 14 years and I am in charge for all aspects of the trip organization.


TENTATIVE ITINERARY AND ACTIVITIES: We will travel from Frankfurt/Munich to Ulm (Museum of Donauschwaben), Haus der Donauschwaben museum and AKdFF library in Sindelfingen, Budapest, Novi Sad and settle in the city of ZRENJANIN (Grossbetschkerek, Nagy Becskerek) which will serve as the starting point for our extensive daily trips.


From that point, every morning in the next several days, we will, together, or split in two or even three groups, travel to the places of your choice. That way, by choosing the stops that each of you wish to see and skipping the towns in which you do not have much interest, we will see more places of personal interest, stay there longer, and get to know them better! We will tour the towns, explore the cemeteries, visit the churches and ancestral family homes (where available), museums, learn about the history and private lives of ethnic Germans and their neighbors in the area, meet interesting people and some members of the local communities.


TIME SPENT TOGETHER: Our late afternoons/evenings after getting back "home" to Zrenjanin will be dedicated to spending time together, refreshing our basic knowledge but also learning some lesser known details related to ethnic German history in Banat. We will have a Banat cuisine cooking workshop with a chef specialized in Vojvodina cuisine. We have also prepared a Banat housing workshop, with an architect who is an expert in Banat earthen architecture and owner of the Center for Earthen Architecture. We have organized theme day-trip tours of Pančevo (Industrial heritage of Banat) and Belgrade (guided tour to downtown and Kalemegdan fortress) as well as to the sites of some of the camps for Germans established by the Communists in the fall of 1944 (like Rudolfsgnad).


After the Serbian Banat, we will do a similar tour of towns in Timis County of the Romanian Banat by establishing a "base camp" in the historical city of Timisoara (Temeschburg, Temeswar). If there is an interest, we can organize visits to towns in neighboring Arad and/or Caras-Severin counties. We have a good relationship with people in both Zrenjanin and Timisoara dioceses, so we will be able to organize visits to churches even in places where they are closed permanently or most of the time because of the lack of the parishioners or dilapidation.


TRANSYLVANIA - HAVE YOUR SAY: My idea is to end the tour by 2-3 days of Transylvania at the end of the tour with some UNESCO heritage sites and enjoy in a unique blend of historical medieval cities as Sibiu and/or Brasov (established by ethnic Germans from Saxony), famous fortified churches, Erdely cuisine, and even some of Nicolae Ceaușescu's follies (surprise for now). Visiting Transylvania highly depends on the desires of participants, so we can realize that trip or skip it and prolong some of the other phases of our trip. We would get back to departure point(s), Frankfurt and/or Munich via Vienna (tour of Vienna included).


SOME BASIC FIGURES: Target size of our group is 18 people.  We may expand the number of participants to a maximum of 23. Our tour is tentatively set for 04 September -21 September 2018 (22 September would be a day of departure back to Canada/USA).

Ballpark figure for the tour:  2350 EUR per person.


Included with this price:

·         Transportation with Mercedes minibus including the road tolls and parking

·         Lodging in hotels and guest houses meeting *** criteria or more.

·         3 quality meals per day

·         History lessons and panels in the evenings, one workshop by choice (Banat cuisine or Banat earthen architecture), theme day-trip tour of Pančevo (Industrial heritage of Banat lessons and tour) and Belgrade (guided tour to downtown and Kalemegdan fortress)

·         Professional guiding, interpretation and round-the-clock availability to the participants


Not included:

·         Your airfare costs from USA/Canada to Frankfurt/Munich

·         Cold drinks in the bus can be bought from the driver and are not included with the price

·         Wine tasting(s) in wine regions (Vršac/Werschetz hills, Rekas)

·         Second workshop


For more details, please write to Staša Cvetković at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   At your request, I will send you some ready forms and materials but your specific questions, comments and suggestions are highly welcome.

Alternatively, you can give me a VoIP (Viber, WhatsApp or other app) call or message at: +381 62 598 517

Facebook page: coming soon!

2011 Banat Tour - September 2018.
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