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Danube Swabian Legacy in Southeastern Central Europe

Title: Donauschwäbisches Vermächtnis im Südöstlichen Mitteleuropa – Geschictliche und Persönliche Bilanz Eines Erlebnis- und Wissensträgers – Ein Grundriß historischer und politischer Zusammenhänge von den Türkenkriegen bis zum Zerfall des Kommunismus (Danube Swabian Legacy in Southeastern Central Europe – The historical and personal deduction of an expert contemporary witness – An outline of historical and political interrelations from the Turkish wars until the collapse of Communism)

Author: Hans Sonnleitner

Year: 2008

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: Donated by Hans Sonnleitner

Review/Description: You may recognize the author’s name from many Banat history and genealogical books. In this volume, he gives his perspective on the history of the Donauschwaben people. Also included are a few essays by other writers. Unfortunately, this volume is in German, but there are several maps, tables, and pictures that the English reader might find interesting.

2011 Danube Swabian Legacy in Southeastern Central Europe.
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