About This Site

About This Site

There are three levels of access to this site.

The Public level allows viewing by anyone to determine if this site is of interest to them.

The Registered level gains access to additional information and you will be able to correspond with other registered users who may wish to collaborate with you on family research. Please complete the field regarding research interests so possible collaborators can find you more easily. See below for more detailed information about this level.

The Membership level gains access to downloadable photos and still more genealogical research information, including many indices and extractions from various genealogical sources. To learn how to become a member, go to Membership.

The Registered and Member levels require you to register your contact information with the site administrator. You must then wait for, and reply to, an automatic response from the system before you gain access to the Registered and Member pages. All contact information is only available to the site administrator unless you to choose to share by posting it to the message board. This information will not be sold or used for any commercial purpose. It is only required to re-establish contact with you if you change your email address and forget to tell us. As a registered user, you will also receive online newsletters two or three times a year and, possibly, occasional updates if there are more timely items. Newsletters contain research hints, book reviews, useful Internet links, and more.

When you register, you will automatically be subscribed to the ZVA listserv on which users may post messages to the entire group. This should be a low traffic site, but, if you find that there is too much traffic for your liking, you may subscribe to the Digest version or unsubscribe totally by going to http://lists.zichydorfonline.org/.

For administrative puposes, the authors of articles in these pages are normally named as the Administrator in article listings. In fact, several people have contributed to the information posted here and their names are included in the articles for which they are responsible.

By default, the number of articles in a content list is 10. If there are more than 10 articles available, you can show them in the list by changing the "Display #" at the top of the list.

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